Identistories' methodology is a very effective means to explore one’s inner image. Combining narrative and storytelling techniques with one-to-one and group counseling and coaching, it can really help professionals, teams and even companies in exploring new evolutionary paths. In other words, in becoming what they previously could not even imagine they could be.

Narrative Minds

The human brain is designed to use narratives to make sense of experience, to define reality. Human beings have been described as storytelling animals, as they use stories to weave together a fil rouge among thoughts, emotions, senses and relations. This sense-making activity takes up most of our time, day and night. The point is that most human beings are not aware of the fact that the narrative they build up to define themselves and the outer world is mostly limited to their personal imagination. And this often restricts their developmental opportunities to what can be imagined as evolutionary options.


Identity is an endless dialogue between the story we tell about ourselves and what the world perceives of it and feeds back to us. It’s an evolutionary path that we can be aware of, or something I can simply undergo as it happens with the possible unpleasant ending of finding myself at the same starting point without a clue of how we ended up there again.

Organisations are steered by the narratives which inhabit and sometimes haunt them. Often unacknowledged, Identistories design the culture and all relational assets inside and outside the company.

Narrative Relationship Design

Once we’ve mapped our inner image world we face our desire: is my Identistory apt to face a new role or market? To build trust with my colleagues or clients? To position ourself in relation to a project or a social issue?

How can I build a relationship promise that can give birth to a different relationship with my counterpart? What should I consider to change in my way of acting, leading people, product, communicate so that my relationship promise is believable, consistent, sound?

To answer these questions, I need to be aware of the relationship promise I am making to my audiences, and redesign it if I need to.

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by Alessandra Cosso

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