Are we ready for the future? Do we have the right attitude, the existential posture necessary for the times we will live in?

There are those who argue that the Covid-19 emergency was just the dress rehearsal. 

A kind of anticipation of what awaits us in the next decades of this new millennium that seems to have immediately engaged the sixth gear in the speed of change that requires us. Digital and biotech revolution, climate change, great migrations, and, yes, even deadly viruses.... 

A terrible shock, this pandemic, that has challenged many of the certainties we had. And maybe that's the treasure we need to unearth amidst the emotional, health economic and social rubble it will leave behind. And ask ourselves: what can we learn from these wounds?

That's why with 3M we thought of giving life to a narrative project that had as its objective to accompany the population of the SEE Region (South East Europe) to face the post-emergency in the only possible way for an organization today, that is together, as a community that wants to learn from a crisis:

"A community in continuous learning and with a shared vision: this is what the organizations of the future must aim for in order to be able to develop sufficient responses to the challenges of a world that is changing ever faster. From a certain point of view, the global pandemic that has struck the planet has made it more evident how our way of living - and working, producing, consuming - could in the coming decades be called upon to change abruptly, undertaking a new Journey into the Unknown World.
For this reason, learning from what is happening to us and working on evolutionary skills is today essential for everyone, for work organizations in particular". 

The approach adopted in the project was based on the evolutionary dynamics of J. Campbell's Hero's Journey. This narrative scheme, which reproduces the algorithm of human evolution, allowed the 3M SEER Community to share experiences, emotions and resources. But above all, it highlighted the sense — understood as meaning and direction — of their journey, activating and making their evolutionary skills vital and the entire organization as an organism in constant learning.

Download here the report