Counseling and one-to-one coaching:
what am I doing here?

We work on the Story of our Footprint in the world: what is the sign that we want to leave through our actions?

What is my true vocational path? Does it allow me to fully express my potential? Is my professional story challenging me right now? Is it this the way I want to work? Or the company/organisation I want to work for?

Answering these questions is the first step to interiorise and build a story of our profession both consistent and capable of positioning us steadily in the professional landscape we have chosen.

One-to-one narrative coaching and counseling let us become aware of our personal and professional story, reflect on its suitability to our desires and expressive potential and, if necessary, rewrite it.


Free up our potential and get in touch with our most profound vocation. In other words, convey our inner beauty to the world.

A Case Study

F. is a young successful businessman, he is brave and tireless. There are no limits to his creativity and he pushes his company’s growth in a very determined way. Yet he is always on the limit of a bankruptcy and after a few years, and having started a family, he decides to explore his professional script to understand why he always finds himself on the edge of a ravine.

Tools used

Narrative exercises, guided imagination, writing, one-to one coaching and counseling sessions.

During our sessions F. learned to read the inner narrative pattern  in his Identistory. He does some writing exercises and then we analyse them together. Suddenly he is able to see the links: his way of being creative in his mind is somehow connected with the feeling of getting lost. He then confesses he has been using drugs and alcohol to reproduce and enforce such perception that in his professional Identistory was deeply linked to his entrepreneurial skills. The same story though shows him the way out, which is a way home, actually. Having a recently raised a family offers him a chance to reconsider his professional lifestyle which was until then based on unconscious assumptions determining his behaviour.

The reported cases are all real projects. References to people and organizations have been omitted to protect the confidentiality needed when working in sensitive areas such as identity and relationships.

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