Work groups and team culture enhancing: what are we? What can we generate together?

We work on the image of we that the team members are willing to share and on what such idea can help them express

What sort of relations exists in this team? What is the climate? Is my team a safe place? Can we be authentic and supportive with each other? Are we able to be creative, innovative and positively influence this organisation?

The group dimension is a rich evolution laboratory, often neglected. It is the perfect place to observe the dynamics which govern the organisational life and define its culture through narratives which can often be blocking creativity. Some teams live in a “we will never make it” script, others build their own identity on a “if it weren’t for us...” story. Some groups are stuck in a powerlessness script and others in one of omnipotence which makes them ignore problems until it is too late.


The work done on groups and teams, often combined with one-to-one programmes, facilitates group thinking expression, creates a truly close community, where trust, authenticity and familiarity are essential practices to release the team’s potential. Groups are also the ideal setting to develop relational skills necessary to manage communicative and power dynamics inside and outside the team.

A Case Study

A social and cultural enterprise has just come out of its start up phase and must consolidate its internal communications skills and trust bonds. The constant emergency climate which is part of the organisational culture does not help peaceful and collaborative relations.

Tools used

Group coaching and counseling once a month for a year; narrative techniques to gather, map and share the team’s inner image of  ‘US’ and of the organisation; training tips on effective communications, feedback, time management and teamwork. 

We have been working on sharing needs and desires of change in the internal dynamics of the staff and we designed and shared a few strategies to activate it. A parallel programme with the management board helped to align the people-management styles of managers, as well as the inner image they had of the evolutionary lines of the organisation after the founding phase.

The reported cases are all real projects. References to people and organizations have been omitted to protect the confidentiality needed when working in sensitive areas such as identity and relationships.

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